The highest standard of health care

Our customer service and follow-up is unparallelled. We “hold hands” with each patient through the entire process including any potential treatment, in which we travel back on-site to your business to ensure no work is missed. For the business we provide detailed aggregate reports that determine the overall health and wellness of your company. This is instrumental in determining the specific health needs for your company, and developing company-wide health initiatives to minimize your companies risk, and to improve the quality of life for your valued employees.

oOur preventive health care approach provides for:

1. Healthier Employees
2. More Productive Staff/Work Environment
3. Less Call-Outs For Sickness
4. More Profitable Business




images3Additional Benefits of Your Health Fair:

– Builds camaraderie and overall company moral
– There is minimal or no employee “time away from desk”
– We customize your event to cater to your companies needs
– We create all marketing/instructional material to be used for internal promotion of the event
– We provide detailed test results and treatment plans created by our NPs, PAs and MDs




We provide In-network Provider for all of the major insurance companies:


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Your Personalized Health Fair

Your event can include, but is not limited, to the following services or resources. With our network of licensed and certified exhibitors we can help you create an event that promotes participation and demonstrates your commitment to health and wellness.

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