Airborne & Food Allergy Testing

Scratch Test


A scratch test is done to detect the presence of 50 airborne allergens and 22 food allergies. The 50 airborne allergens include grasses, trees, pollens, weeds, dust and animals indigenous to the region in which the health fair is being performed. This is a non-invasive test placed on the patient’s skin that measures the sensitivity of the different allergens on their skin. The allergens stay on the patient’s skin for 10 minutes. The patient cannot be taking beta-blockers or oral steroids one week prior to testing. The patient cannot be taking nasal or inhaled steroids 48 hours prior to testing. The patient cannot take any allergy medication or anti-histamines at least 48-72 hours prior to testing. We can test and treat patients age six and up. * 75% of Americans suffer from allergies.





Lab Experiment

Immunotherapy is the at home treatment for the 50 airborne allergies. Patients who test must opt for immunotherapy after testing and going over their results with our allergy specialist. We deliver the immunotherapy directly to the patients at their place of work about a month after the health fair. 85% of patients have a complete remission of allergy symptoms within the first year of treatment. Thousands of dollars are spent, and many side effects are endured with the use of allergy medication, which only temporarily treats symptoms. Immunotherapy has low risk of side effects and is the only permanent cure for allergies. Immunotherapy may prevent the onset of other allergies and the development of asthma.